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Three simple vocal warm-ups that you can do in your car.

If you are a singer on your way to a voice lesson, rehearsal or a gig, it is always good to do a bit of warming up in the car. Because 15 minutes of warming up can do wonders for your voice.


  • Waking up your respiratory instrument is the most important part of a warm up sequence.

  • Round your lips as if you are going to whistle and begin inhaling.

  • Inhale 10 seconds, hold your breath for 10 seconds (optional), and exhale for 10 seconds. Repeat the whole process 10 times.

  • Make sure your breath feels low and you don’t have any air compression in your upper chest or throat.

  • Keep your abdominal muscles relaxed.

Lip trills:

  • Make a motorboat sound with your lips, with and without phonating.

  • Glide the pitch up and down.

  • Let the sound fade a little bit if you feel you are losing the trill on the lips. The more you fade the sound the more air escapes through your lips to stabilize the trill.

  • You can switch between falsetto and chest voice.


  • Gentle glides on “oo” or your vowel of choice, starting in the head voice and gently sliding down to the lower range.

  • Do some descending glides first, then follow with some sirens.

  • Feel the resonance in the “mask” or the third-eye area, and get present to it as you sing.

  • Keep the facial muscles and jaw relaxed. It doesn’t need to be crazy loud, just smooth and easy.

I use these exercises in my lessons frequently and I would be happy to walk you through them if you have any questions.

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