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Boyfriend Rap-Cabaret 6 months ago I wouldn't have survived my first national tour without Guy's lessons!! He articulates technique with an endless supply of accessible images & metaphors making the vocal process more tangible and real. He goes above and beyond for his clients (warmed me to backstage to ease my nerves!) and genuinely cares about his client's careers.
Renshaw Davies a year ago A talented singer himself, Guy Tem understands what his students' potential is, and how to help them reach it. Guy is patient, and will continue to approach and explain a technique from different angles (with humour!) until it is grasped. He keeps lessons rolling with a mix of new technique, review, and work on songs. Guy is able to work in whatever genre you bring to him-- he always asks what I'd like to work on, but has a plan if I don't. Most importantly, he is constructive and non-judgmental. I leave every lesson feeling refreshed, having made noticeable self-improvement in the past half hour. --Emily Davies, singer with folk-blues duo, Renshaw Davies
Eric Eagan 11 months ago I found Guy through a posting on Craigslist. I was wary because there are a lot of people out there who think being decent singers qualifies them to teach voice. They are vocal "coaches" at best. Guy has years of training in proper vocal technique. He is a working opera singer with an amazing voice. When he tells you to do something a certain way, he speaks from years of experience. He is a teacher, not a coach. Singing properly is hard. The second he heard me sing for him, Guy knew exactly what wasn't working and what we needed to focus on. That was almost two years ago. I can honestly say that my voice has improved 100 percent or more since I started working with Guy. I thought I was a baritone when I first started, but Guy immediately knew I was a tenor and we started working on making my higher notes more effortless. I have notes now that I never dreamed of hitting before. Guy also convinced me to study classical technique when all I wanted to do was sing B
Theodore Pickett in the last week I've learned so much in such a short period of time with Guy. He has an approach that is both scientific and holistic, plus it feels tailored to my specific needs. In under a month I have felt my voice improve greatly. My wife comments on how much my singing has improved (a great relief for her).
JellyB Jen 5 months ago I have had a very positive experience with Guy.  First of all he is very easy to get along with, and not intimidating despite his distinguished resume.  His varied exercises and ability to cater to the student really make Guy unique as a voice coach.  He also is able to easily accomodate busy schedules which was a requirement for me.  He has helped me immensely with my awareness as a singer, and allowed me to explore my instrument in ways I hadn't thought about before.  I am primarily a contemporary jazz singer and although I was initially hesitant, Guy was exactly what I needed.  Each lesson I know I will learn something different in a new way.  And best of all, each lesson is carefully burned onto a CD so I can go over it as much as I want at home and in my car.    • • •
Andre L. in the last week I'm currently a student with Guy and the experience has been awesome. He has a gift of showing you new ways to discover your full voice. I really appreciate his attention and guidance. I am finding my true voice with his help.
Shawn Bourg 9 months ago Before starting with Guy, I'd already been singing in my band for a few years. I was confident with my voice, but felt I needed to strengthen my technique and could always work to improve. A main concern was the amount of time I was able to sing before wearing out my voice. Since working with Guy, which has been a couple of months, I'm noticing a steady improvement in my voice. He's showing me the proper techniques to truly sing from the diaphragm, and to rely less on the throat. His analogies make the lessons easy to understand. The exercises that I'm learning are proving to be invaluable, and I notice the strengthening of my voice every time I practice. These past months have been so beneficial, but there's still plenty to learn, and I'm looking forward to it. I highly recommend Guy to anyone who takes singing seriously, and wants their voice to sound the best it can, while still remaining healthy.  • • •
Marisa Williams 12 months ago After several weeks of lessons with Guy, I've noticed a significant difference in my singing. Guy is very patient and well-versed in how to improve your voice through various techniques, while providing words of encouragement to take your singing to the next level. Guy is incredible!
Khader A 10 months ago Guy Tem is a one of a kind vocal instructor! His lessons are uniquely structured to my vocal abilities and each session helps me grow leaps and bounds on my way to becoming the vocalist I crave to be. I sing in a progressive metal band and Mr Tem takes my music and helps me build the best techniques based on how I sing. Suffice to say I will be taking lessons from Guy for as long as I am able.
JIM GRICE in the last week I have been singing for many years without ever having any formal training. Guy was able, in a few short minutes, to demonstrate techniques to improve my voice. I left the first lesson feeling that I had learned valuable information. While I have been studying with Guy for only a short time, I leave each lesson with information and techniques that i didn't have before, information that is immediately useful or to put it another way, "News you can use". And as other reviews have pointed out, Guy is really easy to work with. In a less subjective vein, Guy  is an excellent teacher with  extensive  knowledge and training in both voice and music. He is able to convey his thoughts in a clear and concise manner demonstrating both the physiology of singing as well as techniques that improve your musicality. Using these methods allow you to sing with far less effort while simultaneously  giving you the ability to sing better and louder. Your voice will be stronger, yo
Max Salinger 10 months ago I was a beginner with no experience or confidence. Guy welcomed me into his soothing and relaxing environment as if we were old friends. His early instruction focused on my breathing and getting me to open up. Singing with Guy never feels forced. He brings out your natural singing voice in a relaxed manner.
Ashely Campbell 11 months ago Awesome teacher!! I didn't know how much more i had to my voice till i started lessons with him! His weird way of explaining things actually make sense . The style of teaching is definitely out of the box haha but definitely helped me reach a new height with my voice. He's always genuinely excited with each progression i make and very reassuring when i get frustrated with myself. I'm always excited to go to my lesson! I've  gained so much more confidence and have gotten so much better since i started taking lessons with him. Awesome teacher , great guy!  • • •
Michelle Halbrook 9 months ago Absolutely amazing! Guy is a master of vocal art! And what's even more amazing than his vocal talent is his ability to bring out your own vocal talent. Incedibly talented, and very knowledgeable. He helps you get inside of yourself to break down any personal barriers and bring out the beauty of your own voice. Again, amazingly talented and a true master of his art! Who could ask for more?!
Murelle Farmer a year ago I've had the pleasure of working with Guy for about 6 months. I came to him with the goals of generally feeling more comfortable singing, uncovering more of my vocal abilities, and improving my singing on stage. I'm happy to report progress on all fronts, and in fact I'm hearing in myself a voice that I never knew existed, or thought was possible. Guy's coaching has been very gentle, but with profound impact. His persistence is matched by equal patience. I've brought him songs across various genres - blues, folk, bossa nova, jazz, musical theater - and he's helped me with all of them. Working with Guy is such a pleasure. I leave every lesson knowing that I've uncovered something new, and with an unwavering confidence that I take with me to live performances. - Murelle Farmer  • • •
Joe Harnish in the last week I took voice lessons from Guy for about four months or so before I had to leave the area. I was a novice and knew very little about the technicalities of singing and it was always something I wanted to improve and work on. To this day I still have ingrained in me his teachings. What I like about his method is it really allows you to discover your own voice. He designs his classes with both text book exercises and his own wisdom/guidance to make you aware of your voice and body. He's also pushes you to get out there and sing, saying it will make you better so much quicker. I was constantly having those "Aha!" moments when I'd break through, seeing and shedding the things that were holding me back. It was a lot of fun. I felt I made some big leaps while I worked with him and his work continues to enrich me even though I'm away. I highly recommend him.  • • •
T. Pearl Ricks 11 months ago Guy Tem is hands down one of the best vocal coaches I have met. Besides having a great musical background and amazing talent, he is able to communicate and connect in lessons. Any singer knows that this is important and not something you find in every coach. He, without hesitation, finds ways to explain techniques that make them easier for you to grasp, practice and maintain. Something I also appreciate is that the lesson isn't over when the time is up. He will send you off with a great understanding of your strengths and how to overcome any weaknesses, always with an open invitation to ask any questions through email. I have recommended Guy to my friends and fellow singers. I recommend him to you as well!  • • •
Christopher Justin a year ago Guy has a very easygoing, matter-of-fact teaching style that helps you feel comfortable regardless of how you're singing. As a complete novice, I was at first intimidated by Guy's pedigree and the sounds of the student being taught before me. That quickly disappeared though, as he walked me through a few exercises that had me feeling good on the first day itself. Consummately patient and amusingly articulate, Guy makes weekly singing lessons a blast.
Leslie Molson 12 months ago Guy is without question the best voice teacher I've ever had. Not only is he knowledgeable and innovative when it comes to voice techniques and the physicality of singing, but he's sensitive, inspires trust, and boosts ones confidence. He's always positive, generous, and clearly loves to teach as much as he loves to sing. I would recommend him to any level of student.
Tara Gass a year ago A++++ Guy is an excellent vocal instructor!  His technical guidance and encouragement have been invaluable to me. He is genuinely interested in developing my true voice and he's constantly working to give me the tools to unlock my full potential. I'd highly recommend his services!
Jeffery Hoffmann 9 months ago Guy is not only an amazing and knowledgable teacher, but also an incredible person!!  I always left vocal lessons feeling both a better and more trained vocalist, and also a more peaceful and happy being. Thanks Guy!!
reneaujam 11 months ago Working with Guy has been an amazing experience!  I worked with a couple vocal teachers before Guy and still couldn't grasp an understanding of what I was doing wrong.  He was able to spot it during the first lesson and we immediately started working on it.  Since then my vocal ability has improved more in the last month than it has in the last 3 years.  I had given up on the idea of being a singer and decided that I would just put that dream aside until I came across Guys ad and decided to give it one more shot.  I left that first lesson glowing because my dream had been given a new life.  His understanding of the craft and how singing works in your body from a scientific prospective combined with his forward passionate style of teaching and obvious extensive experience will make you a believer in no time. I give him an A+ for highly recommended!   • • •
Norair Wartan 11 months ago In a very friendly and professional setting, Guy delivers the highest quality of vocal training. Over the passed year with him, I've learned so much, not only about my voice, but also about myself and my emotions. His teaching techniques are proved to be very effective and they helped me a lot to understand the act of singing. I definitely recommend him to anyone who's willing to break out of their comfort zone and let Guy Tem strip their voice from all kinds of impurities. • • •
Rebeka Ryvola a year ago I've seen Guy 2 times and am singing non stop since that first time. I didn't think this was possible! I'm going to keep training to see how much I can improve my technique and voice strength - probably a lot considering I'd never really sung before coming in for my first class. I also love how much I'm learning about the voice, different singing techniques, and the therapeutic elements of singing. My goal is to join a choir and if anyone can get me there, it's this studio.  • • •
Noah Antieau 11 months ago I am the definition of a novice, never having voice lessons before. Guy was amazing, really intuitively gifted as a teacher-I get the feeling he could teach anything. I would recommend him to anybody-regardless of your level of expertise
kornelia grzyb 9 months ago Guy Tem is a fun and thoughtful teacher! My initial hesitation and anticipation about singing quickly disappeared through his guidance and encouragement.
Andrew Kim a year ago He is a very good teacher in a way that he understand why his students are having difficulties in performing singing techniques well. Because he knows why/how his students sing wrong, he can give a direction that's customized and personal to each student. It makes his lesson very effective. Take his lesson for just a month and you will already feel different when singing. He's a classical singer, but his singing technique is a must for everyone with every style because it helps you generate a beautiful natural sound while protecting your vocal chord. Not to mention that he's also very friendly person in general.  • • •
Thomas Fewer 11 months ago "Guy is an amazing teacher. His dedication to my growth as a musician has been truly inspiring.  He taught me to appreciate new aspects of music. Guy also did an awesome job of translating his sophisticated musical knowledge into terms I could understand. He is a passionate, patient and fun person to learn from."
desiree billy a year ago Guy is the most amazing teacher I've ever studied with.  He is equal parts artist and voice engineer. Never have I met an educator so skilled at diagnosing and fixing vocal problems. He creates real solutions to technical issues. Because of Guy, I regained the notes of my upper register - notes I thought had been forever lost to acid reflux. Guy gave me back my voice.
Michael Nuwer a year ago Guy helped me live a dream.  I had never had a single music lesson in my life, I sang awfully, but I loved to sing.  I can't believe such a talented guy even took me as a student.  In just 5 months of weekly lessons I was singing with the New Orleans gay men's chorus. Guy is the best teacher I have ever had .  Although he is very serious about his work his lessons are fun - filled with laughter and smiles.  Guy is constantly giving me corrective feedback but never in a way that makes me feel inadequate.  ( I wish I could do this!). Somehow Guy can correct me in such a way it builds not destroys my self esteem. Guy not only teaches the mechanics of singing, he also teaches the emotion within each song.  But most importantly Guy shares his passion music.  • • •
Elizabeth B a year ago I have been a voice student of Guy Tem for the past couple of years, and it has been an enjoyable and enriching experience for me.  Guy knows how to teach technique effectively in a way that the student can easily understand.  He is professional, stays focused on the task at hand, and makes lessons both educational and enjoyable.  He knows the literature well and makes great recommendations for the vocal expression of the text as well as teaching the necessary technique to sing the music.  He is also very good with helping with the pronunciation of the languages.  I would definitely recommend taking lessons with Guy, as I think he can really help you improve your technique and the way that you think about expressing the text in the music.  • • •
Samuel Ottinger a year ago Since starting with Guy I have noticed vast improvements in my singing abilities. Through his exercises and one on one teaching method he has opened up parts of my voice I didn’t know were there. Thank you Guy.
Karen Jeffries in the last week Guy is a natural born teacher. I like that he explains how and why a technique works physiologically. Each lesson is recorded, so I can review and practice during the week. it's a great way to be able to hear my mistakes AND improvements. Plus, he is kind and patient. I like that, too! I always look forward to my lessons, and feel very lucky to have him as my teacher. Karen J, songwriter.
Contranon Valentum a year ago Guy is a great voice teacher/coach.  He is knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic.  He a broad spectrum of students ranging from beginners, like me, to very talented signers.  His students span all musical genres.  I recommend him.
Stephen Lloreda a year ago Guy is a wonderful teacher with a wealth of knowledge . I'm a shower singer that has never had lessons . Through Guy's instruction I'm really learning the dynamics of song. His teaching style and use of metaphor make it challenging, fun and rewarding !
Jojo mcgraw a year ago Ive been taking lessons from Guy for a few months now with goals to become more comfortable singing and strengthen my voice. My confidence with singing was always low and the idea of it intimidated me, but as a musician I really wanted to to overcome this and add it to my toolbox. Guy is a brilliant teacher and creates an atmosphere that is comfortable and intelligent. He knows how to bring out the best in you no matter the skill level. It's obvious he's been doing this for a long time and his passion is real. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to improve their voice, whether you're a bare bones beginner or a professional singer, he has so much to offer.  • • •
Alyssa S. a year ago I am a student of Guy's Sunday music theory and sight reading (solfege) class. Guy is an exemplary teacher. His patience and excellent way of explaining difficult concepts are second to none and I truly enjoy learning from him. He is warm, yet very serious about his work and my learning. He knows his craft very well and I highly recommend paying his studio a visit.

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