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Aspiring Amateurs 


In private voice lessons, our students learn how to sing free of tension. Guy and his associates guide vocalists into singing with a natural, body-connected voice. Rather than straining to produce sound, our students learn to sing through an open, relaxed  throat. This approach helps protect our singers’ vocal cords from injury and leads to a tone that is relaxed and free. Proper breathing is the basis of beautiful singing. Therefore, we teach breathing in the Bel canto (“beautiful singing”) style. This low breath, once mastered, limits excessive air compression in the throat and allows singers’ voices to soar. Our understanding of singing technique is inspired by both the Swedish-Italian School of Singing and the Alexander Technique. While many of our students perform professionally, we are adept at teaching singers of all levels. It’s never too late to begin. Regardless of skill level, goals, or style of music you want to perform, we have expert instructors who can tailor lessons to your needs.

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