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Violeta del Rio - Piano


Violeta started playing piano at the age of 6. She graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid at the age of 17 in Classical Piano Performance. Throughout this whole period the Argentinian teacher Noemí Novara, formal student of Claudio Arrau, taught Violeta becoming her teacher and mentor. Violeta worked for her as a piano assistant in different conservatories around Madrid.

At the age of 18, Violeta, started a degree in Journalism in the University Complutense of Madrid, finishing it 6 years later.  She became a part of the Idílica Theater Company and composed her first score for a play in 2008, which got a special mention from the jury in a Theater Competition organized by the University.

In 2011 Violeta won a scholarship to study in the Juilliard School of Music in New York (USA), invited to do the second year for the Artist Diploma in Music, Classical Performance and finishing her Masters Program in Classical Piano Performance.

During the almost 3 years she lived in NYC she played in many venues around town and started playing other types of music rather than classical, like rock or pop. She started studying jazz with Johnny O’neal, student of Thelonious Monk. She also played in two contemporary classical ensembles: the Epoque quintet and the Lunatics at Large, ensemble that performed contemporary music by living composers. In addition, she worked as a piano assistant and taught in different schools in New York City, such as the New York City College.

In 2012 she moved to New Orleans to study jazz and blues. She got into the University of New Orleans (UNO) and started studying jazz under the direction of Victor Atkins, current piano player at the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, and started working as a piano accompanist for the university.

She played in a contemporary classical ensemble in New Orleans called the Furniture Music ensemble, which played contemporary music of living composers and performed around New Orleans in the Contemporary Arts Museum, the Trinity Episcopal Church, the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA), the Music Box and the New Orleans Public Library, among others.

Violeta kept being an active performer in New Orleans as well as a music teacher in several schools such as the University of New Orleans, The New Orleans Jazz Institute and Spreading the Music School.

In 2017 she was invited to be a member of the jury of a Contest of Young Talents in Music for the Town Hall in Madrid.

In February 2017 she moved to Munich (Germany) for a few months where she produced and played in an album by Jordan Prince, as well as doing a few solo piano classical performances.

In October 2017 she moved back to New Orleans.  Since then she focused on working on the Independent local Record Label that she cofounded, Bubble Bath Records. Since 2017, the label has signed 20 artists mostly from New Orleans gaining attention from the local scene and the international scene (Vice London published an article about Bubble Bath Records).

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