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Rates and Policies

Individual Lessons:

$75-$100/60 minutes

$45-$60/30 minutes

Monthly Subscriptions:

$260-$350/month for weekly 60 minute lessons

$130-$200/month for weekly 30 minute lessons

Individual Lessons

You can see our teachers' availability and conveniently book lessons through our booking page. 

You can reschedule or cancel your lessons until 48-hours before your lesson. 

To be able to reschedule or cancel a lesson you need to create a log in and be signed in at the time of the booking.

You can view or change your individual lessons through the link on the upper right corner of our booking page.

The system will not let you reschedule or cancel appointments within the last 48-hours before your appointment.

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions are recurring plans that are intended for students who are looking to take lessons for the whole year. They are not just for a month. 

48 Lessons in a Year

With the monthly subscriptions lessons take place every week at the same day/time whether there are 4 or 5 (or on a rare occasion 3) lessons in a month. We are closed 4 weeks in a year so each students gets 48 lessons in a year which averages down to 4 lessons per month. 


No Rescheduling

Monthly subscriptions come with a discount which equals to up to 12 free lessons in a year. Unless a student misses 12 lessons in a year they are not missing any paid lessons. Therefore there is a no-rescheduling policy on the monthly plans. If a student misses a lesson for any reason the lesson will be forfeited. The purpose of this discount is to compensate for the inconvenience if a students needs to miss a few lessons. 


Our individual lessons allow rescheduling/cancelling with a minimum of 48-hours notice. 



Our billing period is from the beginning of the month till the end of the month, and our due date is the 20th of each month(10 days on advance). If the first lesson of the subscription is not on the first week of the month there will be a refund or an adjustment fee to synchronize the paid lessons with the beginning of the billing period. 

Cancelling Your Plan

In most of the cases we allow students to drop out of the monthly subscriptions however there may be an early termination fee up to $100 if the subscription was terminated sooner than 3 months, or if there were months where there were 5 scheduled lessons. We encourage students to stop their subscription only if they are planning to take a break or switch to individual lessons for a while. Once a student drops out of the monthly plan, we are not able to offer this discount back again for 3 months.

You can request to end your monthly subscriptions by giving us a written request (email or text) before the 20th of that month. However, we are not able to issue any refunds once you're charged on the 20th even if you won't be able to attend the upcoming lessons. 

Health Status Update

If you are having any symptoms such as sore throat, congestion, fever, hoarseness, etc. you may ask for an online lesson. -For singing lessons your teacher will determine if it is safe for you to sing at all or not. Singing with a sore throat or a hoarse voice can hurt your voice further and delay the healing process.- Please don't show up to your lesson with any of these symptoms even if you think you are not sick. Students who show up with symptoms will be sent home. Creating a safe and healthy environment for our students and teachers is a priority for us. We may discontinue working with students who do not co-operate with our safety protocols. 

By booking a lesson you agree to our terms and conditions. 



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