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What is Bowspring?


Bowspring is a new, alignment-based practice that accentuates the body's natural curves for stronger, more fluid and dynamic movement. Bowspring teaches us to access the strength of the back body by engaging the glutes (our largest muscle!) and to cultivate a radiant heart, which creates space and strength from within.


Why is Bowspring ideal for singers?


The Bowspring alignment template teaches students to elongate the spine by deepening the hip creases, tipping the tailbone back, and lengthening the belly. With this length comes freedom and space to gather and most effectively utilize the breath. In cultivating a radiant heart, students learn to fill the rib cage in every direction with breath. When strength and fullness come from within, other key areas of the body (neck, shoulders, arms) can soften and relax. Thus, the body becomes a chamber for effortless strength from which breath and sound can flow with ease.


What should you expect?


A Bowspring class is quite different from traditional yoga classes! Come to class ready to explore new types of movement and approaches to alignment. Bowspring is challenging, but applicable to every-day life and accessible to all body types and any level of student. 

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